Tatty (Filled) Towel Design 10

Blooming Stitches

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This tatty teddy bear towel embroidery design is available in a 4x4 size and includes a knockdown stitch.

Towel machine embroidery designs are designed with a knockdown stitch as the first color change in the design.  The first color change is a base layer (filled traced shape) for the whole main design and it is known as a knockdown stitch.  This goes underneath the main design to make the design more prominent and to hold down the fabric fibers. It prevents the fabric/ towel fibers from protruding through the main embroidery design. The knockdown stitch (base layer) is not a dense design and the stitches are spaced wide enough for the main design to go on top without making the complete embroidered design dense. 

Your download will be a zip file with 13 different formats. Please note that our product is a  manually digitized machine embroidery design data file.  You must have an embroidery machine to be able to use our designs.  By downloading these designs, you should be familiar how to transfer designs into your embroidery machine and/or software.  

No Refunds will be done as these files are digital download files.   Should you require a different format/size, please send us an email/message.

Designs should not be resized as it will affect the quality of the stitch out.

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