Panda Girl & Boy

Blooming Stitches

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Cute Panda Boy and Girl SET of Embroidery Designs is available in 4 Sizes.
Select between:   4x4, 5x5, 5x7, 6x10.  Please make sure that you select the correct size when you purchase designs for your embroidery machine.
Includes Boy & Girl Panda
Your download will be a zip file with different formats. Please note that our product is a manually digitized machine embroidery design data file.  You must have an embroidery machine to be able to use our designs.  By downloading these designs, you should be familiar how to transfer designs into your embroidery machine and/or software.  
No Refunds will be done as these files are digital download files.   Should you require a different format/size, please send us an email/message.
Designs should not be resized as it will affect the quality of the stitch out.

Boy Panda information: 
4x4: Height: 94.5 mm Width: 83.1 mm Stitches: 16 524
5x5: Height: 114.3 mm Width: 100.5 mm Stitches: 21 697
5x7: Height: 130.2 mm Width: 114.4 mm Stitches: 26 388
6x10:  Height: 151.9 mm Width: 133.5 mm Stitches: 33 476
Girl Panda information:
4x4: Height: 94.5 mm Width: 87.4 mm Stitches: 18 482
5x5: Height: 109.1 mm Width: 100.9 mm Stitches: 22 651
5x7: Height: 123.8 mm Width: 114.6 mm Stitches: 27 230
6x10:  Height: 144.5 mm Width: 133.7 mm Stitches: 34 333

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